I've been "sell-writing" for a living for well over 30 years.

After an M.I.T. education, I went right to work as an advertising copywriter -- for Doyle Dane Bernbach in New York. From there I moved on up the ladder, copywriter to creative supervisor, to V.P., eventually to Sr. V.P./creative director, at several more of New York's top ad agencies --

Wells, Rich, Greene; Benton & Bowles; BBD&O; and finally to Jordan McGrath, Inc.

During that time I wrote advertising copy and created award-winning campaigns for just about every product on the shelf -- package goods, over-the-counter drugs, household products that are household names. For clients like Procter & Gamble, Lever Bros., General Foods, Colgate-Palmolive, General Electric, Block Drug, CIBA/Novartis, Richardson/Vicks, Pillsbury, Gillette, Scott Paper, Quaker Oats, etc. etc.

Plus almost every other product category you can think of -- airlines, cars, package goods, financial services, electronics, you name it. Expensive French perfume? Insurance? Banks? -- You bet. Soups to soaps, headaches to hemmorhoids, antiperspirants to antifreeze. Print ads, radio spots, TV commercials.

I resigned my last position and moved from New York to western Florida to take a better, more rewarding job -- as caregiver for my wife of many years, who became disabled due to MS.)

So my office is now about 30 feet closer than my mailbox, and I don't dress for success any more.

But I'm still "sell-writing" for a living. And if you're in need of words that sell -- in an ad, on a web page, in a brochure or mailer -- I'm ready to work. Freelance, contract, evenings, weekends, whatever.